Demonstration Diary


January 27-28: Axminster, North Shields

February 24  AWGB small hat training at home workshop

February 25 AWGB small hemet training at home workshop

March 23-24: Newark woodturning & woodworking show

April 12-15 AWGB Certificate in woodturning

May 25-27 AWGB Certificate in woodturning

June 3: Thirsk woodturners

June 15-16: AWGB Small hat course with Peter Bradwick

June 17: Mid Wales woodturners

July 21-22: East Hertfordshire woodturners demonstration and master class

August 8-9: Axminster Kent Masterclass

August 10-11: Axminster Kent demonstration

August 19: Border woodturners

October 11: Sheffield woodturners

October 13: Forest of Bere woodturners

October 14-15: Test Valley woodturners

November16-18: Harrogate woodworking and woodturning show

November 20: Skidby East Yorkshire woodturners



January 12: Northumbria woodturners

January 21-25: Joe Laird, Ireland

February 9-10 Axminster North Shields 

February 13: Eden Valley woodturners

February 22-24 AWGB Certificate in Woodturning

March 15-17 AWGB Certificate in Woodturning 

March: 22 -23 Newark Woodturning & Woodworking show

March 24 Lincolnshire Wolds woodturners

April 13 West Cumbria woodturners

April 15: Wear Valley woodturners

May 7 West Riding woodturners

July 15: Red Rose woodturners

August 20: Lincolnshire association of woodturners

October 9  Birstall woodturners

October 10: Sheffield woodturners

November 8-9: The Carpentry store show Ireland

November: 15-17 Harrogate Woodworking & Woodturning show

November 19 Skidby East Yorkshire woodturners




March 20-21 Newark woodworking & woodturning show

April 9 Huddersfield Woodturners

August 14-15 Axminster Nuneaton

September 4-5 Hans Schulte Germany

September 18-19 Wivamac Belgium

October7 Erewash woodturners

October 8 Sheffield woodturners

November 17 Skidby East Yorkshire woodturners

November Harrogate woodworking & woodturning show