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It was an honour to be asked to participate in the tribute to the late Ray Key and as one of the turners selected I received a part turned work to complete in a manner of my own choice.

The piece I received was a burr elm bowl which was already quite thin so I decided to retain the integrity of the shape and remove as little as possible but bring the piece back in to round and allow the beauty of the timber Ray had selected to show through. Ray had already filled in some voids with what looks like brass mixed with either epoxy or superglue though a few more had opened up whilst the piece was drying out - I filled these with a different material to allow Ray's work to be seen clearly.

I then added my own signature style to the bowl by adding the elements needed to turn it from a bowl into a "Blues Bowl".

You can see and hear the finished product and find out more about the process of making it by watching the video.


All of the pieces  sent out to turners around the world will be photographed and displayed on the AWGB website in advance of the three week exhibition at Nature in Art, Gloucester from the 2nd to the 21st of July.