Demonstration Diary



December 17 Wear valley Woodturnerrs 



January 12: Northumbria woodturners

January 21-25: Joe Laird, Ireland

February 9-10 Axminster North Shields 

February 13: Eden Valley woodturners

February 21-24 AWGB Certificate in Woodturning

March 15-17 AWGB Certificate in Woodturning 

March: 22 -23 Newark Woodturning & Woodworking show

April 13 West Cumbria woodturners

April 15: Wear Valley woodturners

May 4 AWGB Bowl turning course

May 7 West Riding woodturners

July 15: Red Rose woodturners

July 30 Lincolnshire wolds woodturners 

August 10 11 AWGB youth training weekend 

August 20: Lincolnshire association of woodturners

October 9  Birstall woodturners

October 10: Sheffield woodturners

November 8-9: The Carpentry store show Ireland

November: 15-17 Harrogate Woodworking & Woodturning show

November 19 Skidby East Yorkshire woodturners



January 25-26 Axminster North Sheilds

March 20-21 Newark woodworking & woodturning show

April 8 Birstall Woodturnsrs

April 9 Huddersfield Woodturners

April 13 15 Ronald Kane Holland

May 5 West Riding Woodturners

June 15 Wear Valley Woodturners

August 14-15 Axminster Nuneaton

September 4-5 Hans Schulte Germany

September 11-12 Noiritter Austria

September 18-19 Wivamac Belgium

October7 Erewash woodturners

October 8 Sheffield woodturners

November 17 Skidby East Yorkshire woodturners

November Harrogate woodworking & woodturning show Dates to be confirmed 




March Newark Woodworking and Woodturning Show Dates to be confirmed 

April18 Scottish Borders Woodturners

July Peter Sefton Furniture Dates to be confirmed 

August 15 Border Woodturners 

October 28,29 and 30 Axminster Kent 

November Harrogate Woodworking and Woodturning Show Dates to be confirmed